We’ve never met someone who wants to have bed bugs in their Anaheim home. But bed bug have literally exploded in the U.S. and, in destination cities like Anaheim, bed bug calls have increased dramatically. If you think that you have bed bugs in your home then you should call us at 714-855-3688 today.

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Unlike other insects, you can’t ignore the bed bugs and simply wait for them to disappear. It just won’t happen! Bed bugs are also one of the few bugs experts agree cannot be treated with Do-It-Yourself products. So once bed bugs invade your home, they won’t go away until an Anaheim bed bug control professional treats for them.

Bed bugs typically come out to feed at night, which is one of the reasons you rarely see them. They pierce your skin and inject an anesthetic so you don’t feel the bite, and an anti-coagulant to keep your blood from clotting while they feed. Bed bugs feed anywhere from five to ten minutes before returning to their hiding place which is generally in the seams of your mattress and nearby cracks and crevices.

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Finding an actual bed bug is the best way to determine that you have been invaded, but because they hide in the seams of your mattress, in cracks and crevices, and behind baseboards this is not always an easy feat. One of the most common ways to determine that you have a bed bug problem is finding bed bugs evidence such as spots or smears (from blood or fecal matter) or finding cast-offs or sheddings.

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Look on your mattress, box spring, and around baseboards and outlets close to your bed. If you find this type of evidence, then it is a good indication that you are dealing with a bed bug situation. Waking up with bites may be an indication of bed bugs, but should not be the sole determining factor. Some people do not have a reaction to bed bug bites and are not aware they are being bitten. Also, bed bugs are not the only insects that like feasting on us, and the culprits could be fleas or flying insects.

If you suspect a bed bug issue, DO NOT throw out your bed!  For temporary relief, cover your mattress and box spring with bed bug certified mattress encasements. If you decide to sleep in another room, keep in mind that you risk spreading the bed bug problem to other areas of your home. It is NOT recommended that you sleep in another residence as you risk spreading the problem to other locations. If you have questions about bed bugs or need to know where to buy bed bug certified mattress encasements, call our Anaheim pest control gurus today! Give us a call at 714-855-3688 right now to obtain a hassle-free quote and schedule your consultation!

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