Most of us have eaten honey, and many of us supplement our eating habits by eating effective bee byproducts such as bee pollen. Interestingly, there are many different kinds of bees  which create honey, but what can other varieties of bees do?

There are close to 25,000 known types of bees throughout the world, about 4,000 in the United States, all of these happen to be classified within the superfamily Apoidea. They are separated into 9 groups, several that are incredibly small-scale with regards to the number of types.

People are more familiar with a single family of bee, Apidae, this includes bumblebees and honey bees. Honey bees, clearly, yield honey; these are social bees that dwell in colonies of 50,000 to 60,000 workers, More than 200 drones, and sometimes a single queen. Honey hives are particularly complicated in terms of behavior and all round function; these bees operate for the survival of the community, instead of for personal survival.

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