Anaheim is home to a good number of unwanted pests, such as the less than welcome wasp. The kind of wasp is going to be defined by it’s physical appearance; though the majority have pinched waists and two pair of wings.

Much like bees, certain wasps are social and reside in colonies, full of anywhere from 100s to thousands of wasps. Females are in charge of needs inside the nest and manage the offspring. The unsocial wasp species want to live alone and can lay offspring, but they leave them in the nest alone.

You will find both parasitic and aggressive wasps in the Anaheim area. The upside to aggressive wasps is they eliminate and consume several other bothersome insects which they use to nourish their larvae. Parasitic wasps tend to lay their tiny eggs in a caterpillar or spider to ensure that the larvae may easily feed on the live host.

Never assume all wasps are overly aggressive but the ones that are will surely hurt should they sting a person. Even so, remember that wasps can sting over and over, not just once, if necessary. Wasps are a plus towards the natural environment for their role of preying on other sorts of invaders that demolish landscaping plants and crops.

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